Explore the wonders of Uvita

Welcome to Uvita, a paradise waiting to be discovered. At Casa Zorro, we've curated a list of exceptional experiences to ensure your visit is nothing short of extraordinary. Dive into the vibrant local scene with our handpicked selection of activities, ranging from thrilling tours to serene relaxation spots. Uvita offers it all – explore the iconic Whale's Tail Beach, embark on unforgettable adventures, and immerse yourself in the rich culture of this coastal gem. Your journey begins here, where every moment promises to be a memorable part of your Uvita experience.

Seamless travel planning with Lisa

Meet Lisa, your dedicated concierge at Casa Zorro, here to elevate your travel experience. Planning is a breeze with Lisa by your side. Pre-arrange your grocery list, and upon arrival, find your essentials neatly stocked. Lisa's expertise extends beyond provisioning – effortlessly explore our curated tours, ensuring every adventure aligns with your desires. Need transportation? Lisa's got it covered with our rental car service, including 4x4 vehicles for easy access to Casa Zorro and Uvita's hidden gems. Lisa unlocks personalized luxury, from private chefs creating culinary delights to professional massage therapists bringing relaxation to your doorstep. With her assistance, your stay at Casa Zorro seamlessly blends convenience, adventure, and indulgence, allowing you to focus on creating cherished memories in Uvita.

Curated travel experiences

Discover an extra layer of personalized care at Casa Zorro with our exclusive Travel Welcome Book, meticulously crafted by Lisa. This comprehensive 20+ page welcome book serves as your go-to guide for an enriched experience in and around Casa Zorro. Unveiling Lisa's handpicked selection of favorite activities and hidden gems in Uvita and its surroundings, this curated masterpiece goes beyond typical search results. Lisa's insider knowledge ensures you explore the heart and soul of the region, uncovering unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences only a local expert can provide. Consider this welcome book as a distinctive feature of your stay at Casa Zorro – a personalized touch that sets us apart. 

Seasonal pricing schedule ($USD) 

January 7 - April 15-2024$400$3,780
March 3 - 11 (Envision)-2024$800$5,040
April 16 - August 2-2024$400$3,150
August 3 - September 17$450$2,835
September 18 - November 16$400$2,520
November 17 - December 16$550$3,465
December 17 - January 6$900$5,670